Creative Commons

As many people know, when sourcing images for your blog or website, you can’t just do a Google images search, find an image you like, copy it and insert it in your post editor. Well, you can, but legally this is a recipe for disaster. For those not familiar with Creative Commons- Creative Commons is… Continue reading Creative Commons



After creating a storyboard with my group members, I feel generally happy about the outcome of our project progress thus far. I think our goal is on point and I’m very proud of the level of contribution all of my fellow group members have displayed. Not only does storyboarding provide a more well-rounded learning experience… Continue reading Storyboard

Coleman’s Phreaks, Hackers and Trolls

Social media has changed the way we think and communicate by also creating people such as hackers, trolls, and phreaks. “Hackers expert command of technology, their ability to so easily dupe humans in their quest for information, and especially their ability to watch the watchers made them an especially subversive force to law enforcement” (Coleman… Continue reading Coleman’s Phreaks, Hackers and Trolls


Zines by definition are self-published often exclusively distributed materials, designed by the author not for financial purposes, but to send forth a message to the subsequent readers. As Duncombe states, “The idea of not allowing your creativity to be stymied by any authoritarian system is the essence of American individualism” (Duncombe, 179). Previous zines had… Continue reading Zines